Halloween Apparel

Halloween in NYC

Even the Hurricane couldn’t stop two of New York’s finest trick or treaters. Tara and Becky coaxed me out to Manhattan for some midnight mayhem. To Check out the dozen or so photos

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Wanderlust, and an update on life of late.

Headline Image taken from North 6th and Kent Ave park, hours before Sandy hit. 

“I’m glad you’re alive. Who else’s instagram photos would make me feel an insane wave of jealousy/ ‘wanderlust’ (Hipsters/ girls on tumblr have massacred that word, I shuddered as I typed it.)”  – @girlviolence. A friend from home recently posted on my facebook wall (or timeline but that reads stupid) during the height of hurricane Sandy as it blew through New York. Which brings me to the next instalment of updates and adventures..

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9/11, a view from Williamsburg

It’s been months since my last post – apologies – I’ve had a brief holiday back home in Brisbane and have now returned to New York. I’ve even moved into a neat little apartment on South 3rd Street in Williamsburg right off Bedford Ave! And yes, I’m fully aware, that it’s hipster central but I swear, it’s much less lame in the South of Williamsburg!

More importantly, tonight marks the anniversary of 9/11 where twin towers of light stand in memorial.

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A little more Lanah

Beachside at surfer’s, with some really fantastic sunglasses.


Cheeky Wave. DUMBO, Summer 2011

A cheeky wave by one of my all time New York favourites at the very end of the 2011 hit and run tour.


Mabh Esterelle

Mabh (pron: May-ve) and I met after I crashed vegetarian dinner party a chance encounter on halloween 2010, it was such an awesome experience that I even wrote about it here. Since then we’ve shared amazing moments of drunken complex conversation and adventures often beginning or ending in coffee, wine or food. As part of winning Play Melbourne, I was lucky enough to reminisce and experience it all again when I caught up with Mabh. It had nearly been an entire year since we’d seen each other, and of all that was new it was really heartwarming to see little bits of how we’ve grown up in some ways, and haven’t changed at all in others. One thing that will always remain the same is that when Mabh asks, ‘how are you?’ she means it, and intensely cares. Mabh If you’re reading this, I love you loads, you’ll always be a dear friend regardless of all the moving and distance! Continue Reading…


Lanah Joy, NYC / Sufer’s Paradise / BNE

Lanah and I first met at the Vagabond cafe (which I’ve written about here) in West Village, NYC early in 2012. We bonded over the chance meeting of two Brisbane locals, of the same age, meeting halfway around the world at a quaint little cafe in New York. I recently had a chance to catch up with Lanah in early July 2012, after realising we had both returned home. Lanah was nursing a slight fracture in her ankle at the time, and taking a temporary hiatus from professional dancing to recover back home. After grabbing an awesome lunch, we spent the rest of the day shooting and exploring the coast. I had an absolute blast being at the beach, and soaking the day in.Thanks Lanah, future cook-ups at the mansion are definitely on the horizon! Continue Reading…


London Calling

April 2012.


End of the Line, D Train 205 St Bronx.

revised edits of my July 2011 trip to NYC.


Nicole Kidd

Lady of leisure, and awesome wife of Elliot.


Elliot Kidd

Hung out with this dude and his wife today.


Elliot Kid & Nick Maschke at the Old Museum Markets

Leisurely Saturday with stop overs at the Sourced Grocer, Teneriffe Markets and that hipster, thrift and all sorts market at the old museum.